Sunset Hills Vineyard Video Library

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Wine Production

Sunset Hills Vineyard  - Harvest 2019 Our Largest Harvest In 20 Years!!

We had a record harvest of almost 230 tons of grapes from last year's growing season. Each cluster was  harvested from our tens of thousands of hand-tended vines

Here is a highlight video!

Wine Production

Sunset Hills Vineyard - Harvest 2017

Ever wonder just how many tons of grapes we harvest? Or who's behind making all of this great wine? Check out our latest video on Harvest 2017!

Wine Education Videos

Sunset Hills Vineyard - Sunset White

A great Summer wine, Sunset White offers floral notes on the nose and tropical notes on the palate. Its slight sweetness lends itself as a great pairing for spicy Thai and curry dishes.

Sunset Hills Vineyard - Chardonnay

Dave Parker, Wine Educator, explains the Sunset Hills Vineyard Chardonnay.

Sunset Hills Vineyard - Rosé

Learn more about our lovely Sunset Rosé. This is a Rosé that you'll definitely want to pack in your next picnic!

Sunset Hills Vineyard - Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is an iconic Virginia wine. Dave Parker, Wine Educator at Sunset Hills Vineyard, explains the flavor profile and best pairings for our Cabernet Franc. Think of it as 'fall in a glass' that you can enjoy year-round!.