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Aubry Fisher
February 8, 2021 | Aubry Fisher


When we were planning our Valentine’s Day events I wanted to offer something different for our customers. A new twist on wine and food pairings. It’s no secret that wine and chocolate go well together, so I wanted to explore treat options beyond truffles and bonbons. And so the brainstorming began. What could we offer our Date with a Somm attendees that is unique, delicious, and pairs well with wine? When staff member, Sherri, suggested macarons I was hooked on the idea! I took to the internet to find a local bakery that specializes in these tiny French delicacies. Through social media channels and networks, I discovered the force behind Weekender Pastries LLC.

The first time I met Shawnna Bennet, owner of Weekender Pastries LLC, she walked into the Tasting Room with an arm full of bags and packages. It was not what I expected. I expected a portfolio containing a list of flavors, prices, and maybe a few pretty pictures. But Shawnna is an artist and she wanted to start with a blank canvas.

From those bags and packages, she produced small samples of fruits, nuts, spices, chocolates, and extracts. Together, we explored, compared, and layered flavors until she had custom-designed a macaron for each wine. From there, she built a Valentine’s Day box of treats that we will offer for sale in the Tasting Room all weekend long.

I tell this story because, for me, it reinforces the importance of community and connection, excellence in customer service, and finding passion in your work. These qualities – they infuse themselves in your product and shine through in the customer experience. At Sunset Hills Vineyard, our promise to ourselves and to you is to strive for this every day – the excellence, the connection, the infusion of our excitement and passions in the SHV experience.



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