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Aubry Fisher
August 23, 2021 | Aubry Fisher

Meet Our Staff: Shelby

Favorite Sunset Hills Wine?  Our 2020 Rose of Cab Sauvignon & our 2012 Tannat

How long have you worked at Sunset Hills?  Eary July was my one year anniversary!

Do you have any other jobs?  Kindergarten Teacher

Where are you from?  NOVA

Have you lived in a different state or country?  No

Hobbies outside of work?  Painting, reading, jigsaw puzzles 

Do you have any kids or pets?  Abby the dog. She is 8 years old.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?  Both

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  Pyroconetticts  

What is your favorite season or holiday?  Fall, aka spooky season

What did you want to be when you were younger?  Marine Biologist  

Do you have a favorite, show, book, movie, etc. right now?  My favorite book is Where The Crawdads Sing

When/if you do go out to socialize, what things do you enjoy doing?  Spend time with my pup and taking naps

What is your favorite food?  Mexican Food

What was your favorite subject in school?  I have a double major in Neurobiology so neurobiology!

Do you enjoy nature, or do you prefer to stay indoors?  Both

Two Truths & A Lie

1. I collect hats from different states.

2. I’ve been kayaking in Honduras

3. Frogs are my favorite animal!


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