Live Music - Andrew O'Day

Date: Sun, Nov 21, 2021
Time 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

In the ear to eye experience, you will first be drawn in by the un-orthodox style by which Andrew handles his guitar. This is not on purpose. When Andrew was a young child, his older brother introduced him to the acoustic guitar, positioning it as any right-hander would while showing him how to hold it. Andrew, a natural lefty, just flipped the guitar around and began to explore his musicality without any formal instruction. This can only be a testament to the strong musical family lineage, passed down from generation to generation. So, in accordance with Darwin’s theory of survival, he has made it. His audience will be enticed by his versatility— soulful constructions of old R&B sounds that some may not have thought possible by acoustic guitar, fun country cover songs that lure you into a crowd singing chorus.....

Andrew’s recent acoustic performances have no doubt proven which direction he is going as an artist and vocalist. Today, you may find him playing locally in the Northern Virginia area, chasing down open-mic nights, small coffee shops and other venues that offer him opportunities to unload some new soulful sound right at your table.

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